X-Charge November Update

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X-Charge November Update

Postby durbancic » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:35 pm

Just had to do a "mandatory" x-charge update....what a waste of my time. Anyways, after installing it (version 7.1 release 5) POS Pizza was no longer "talking" w/ x-charge. To solve this problem, the xcclient.dll needed to be installed. This is located on their downloads page, it is the first one listed in the Integration Libraries section. This needed to be installed on the CLIENT computers, not the server. Once installed, credit cards work properly again & they can be tipped out!

Hopefully the gov't doesn't push any new c/c laws on us to make us 'safer' in the near future...I have much better things to be doing than troubleshooting this!

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