a Way to make 1 food item print to 2 different printers

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a Way to make 1 food item print to 2 different printers

Postby joshwho » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:12 pm

We have 2 consoles setup one for a grill side and another for the pizza side. Alot of times our employees will cash out a order and hand out just the grill side part of the order and not know that there was more to the ticket. I know we should look for these things on the customer receipt but every now and then it doesnt happen. I was woundering if it was possible or can it be possible to allow a master item to print to 2 different consoles. That way if someone had a pizza with a sandwich or a salad it will print to both consoles and then every one would be able to know what goes with the order. I dont want every item to appear on the grill side just some items. If theres away to add this in a update it will be great. Thanx...

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