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Phone # entry

Postby Salonico » Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:03 pm

Tryin' to export my customer database, I clicked on the wrong button (Import) and I've lost the entire database. I cannot find the automatic backup location, and also, when I enter a phone # now, and press enter, it just clears the field and nothing happens. Even if I add manually a customer and the enter the phone #, it won't work. I run the rebuild utility and nothing changed. Any ideas? I hope I dont have to live with the loss of all my customers.

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Postby Scott » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:12 am

Go to your MAIN computer (where POS Pizza was originally installed) and on the Windows "Start" menu select "POS Pizza" -> "Last Maint-Backup Info". The utility will show your last maintenance backup. Answer YES to move it to your C: drive and then go into the program and restore that backup from C.

You can also go under the PROGRAM FILES folder and find POS PIZZA and then find its DATA folder. There is a folder inside of there call BACKUPS. You will find your last 10 maintenance backups in this folder. Copy those to another folder. You should be able to restore one of them. Better yet, if you have a full manual backup that you recently did, use it!

The Customer base is set to Zero, but the phone numbers are still in the database. To fix the phones so that customer data can be added, go into the Database Maintenance Tool and highlight the PizzPhones.PZ5 file and then click on "Rebuild". If you successfully restore your backup, you can omit this step.


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