CallerID Server for Whozz Calling v4.00.00

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CallerID Server for Whozz Calling v4.00.00

Postby Scott » Mon May 05, 2008 12:43 pm

We have just released an updated server for Whozz Calling unit support. This new version combines the previous LE & EN versions into a single download which should help alleviate some of the confusion that people had between the two versions.

The new version also supports the new Ether-Link units that attach to the local network directly, eliminating the need to set up the unit on a serial port. Serial port support is still fully supported with this new version of the server.

Caller ID hardware supported by this version of the server is the Whozz Calling, Whozz Calling Lite, and the Whozz Calling POS units (Serial or Ether-Link) which are all available at

To download this now visit our downloads page.


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