Credit Card Processing Added to POS Pizza

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Credit Card Processing Added to POS Pizza

Postby Scott » Sat Oct 07, 2006 11:03 am

Summit Computer Networks has added integrated credit card processing to it’s POS Pizza v.5.1 using X-Charge credit card processing software.

Now, when you have customers who want to pay with a credit card, you select credit as a method of payment right through your POS Pizza order payment screen! That will eliminate the need for bulky and expensive credit card terminals and will give you an integrated solution for accepting credit cards. This new feature gives you fast approvals, automatic settlement, fraud control, and a combined receipt for the customer. You’ll also have flexible and meaningful reporting of your credit card transaction data. Unlimited support is also included with your X-Charge service! So whether you swipe the customer’s card or key the order in, you’ll be able to do it right through your point of sale system.

The X-Charge software and set up are free for all POS Pizza users.

To get started or find out more, contact your X-Charge rep, Steve Hester, at: 800-637-8268 x 237

This feature is available via Update Pack 3 which will also give you one other feature which is the ability to have only newly added items on an edited order go to the make lines.

All of these updates and new features are things that are being added to our new Dine-In module which should be available sometime this fall. This module will simplify using POS Pizza in a Dine-In environment and is designed for servers that wait on tables instead of the self-service type dinging room. Servers will be able to add an unlimited number of items to a ticket while it is open and only the newly added items will go to the kitchen. Once a ticket is closed it can be split up if needed and either sent to the front counter POS Pizza station for payment, or the wait staff can collect payment at their Dine-In terminal. This station will also handle credit cards via X-Charge and allow for tips when processing cards. Many other features to be announced as we get closer to release!


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