POS Pizza v5.0 Utils Snap-In Pack 1

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POS Pizza v5.0 Utils Snap-In Pack 1

Postby Scott » Wed Oct 27, 2004 11:25 pm

A new Snap-In pack is available at our downloads page. This pack includes a stand-alone serial number fix utility. This will be handy for those of you who move menus between multiple locations. This new version is much nicer than the older command line version that was used in v4.0. This version is a graphical interface that automatically figures out which files need to be fixed and will then alow you to fix them.

The remaining tools in this pack require a license in order for them to be used. They will show up on the Maintenance menu in the Management Utility program.

  • The first tool is a Database reset utility, that will allow you to reset certain data without removing everything and starting over. This is nice if you have been testing the system in a test environment and are ready to go "live" with it. It will reset all of the counters on food items, customers, employee time clock data, and sales data. You have a choice of what you want to change or leave alone.
  • The second tool is an Auto-Assign delivery zones to customer accounts utility. You can assign a zone to every customer account in the database, or just those that do not have one presently assigned to them.
  • The last tool will allow you to change the amount a customer has on his/her Account or Credit sections. You can add / delete / or Zero these areas on any customer in the database.



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