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POS Pizza 6 (6.10.02)

Postby Scott » Tue May 10, 2011 4:58 pm

This is an important update if you are using Gift Cards, or Credit/Debit Card Processing. New laws take effect June 01, 2011 that require that you are running the latest integration updates as well as POS Pizza 6.10.02 in order to be compliant. POS Pizza versions prior to this will not be in compliance if they are processing gift cards, credit cards, or debit cards from within POS Pizza. Make sure that you update/upgrade to this version if you are doing so.

The new law requires that card processing software can:
  1. deal with partial authorizations less than the requested amount on pre-paid cards.
  2. print the balance remaining for gift card transactions as well as pre-paid credit card transactions on the customer receipt. This includes the integrated gift card processing built into v6's SA & CS versions.

If you are using full page receipts, AND processing Gift/Credit/Debit cards directly within POS Pizza, you must change to a regular POS receipt printer in order for all of the data to be shown correctly!

If you are not using credit/debit/gift card processing (within POS Pizza), then you do not need to worry about this update.

Please feel free to email us or ask any questions here in the forums.


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