how do i put my pizzeria logo onto my printer?

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how do i put my pizzeria logo onto my printer?

Postby pizzamanlacrescenta » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:58 pm

sorry please make it "dumb proof" i have a epson tm-220ii printer and i just made a new logo for my pizzeria and i want to integrate into my receipt printer. how do i go about that and please again im not to "smart" with computers

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Re: how do i put my pizzeria logo onto my printer?

Postby Scott » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:10 pm

If it is not in a standard windows bitmap format open it in MS Paint, and select Save As and save it as a "BMP Picture". Save it in your C:\POSPizza6\CS folder as "MyLogo.bmp".

Next go into the Management Utility and into Local Config and select the Printer Settings tab page. In the logo field in the middle of the screen enter MyLogo.bmp, and to the left of it place a check in the box for Print LogoFile.

Next go down to the left side dropdown box for printer #1, and select Grpcl Rcpt Logo + and then save.

Your logo should now print on your receipts. NOTE: You may need to resize your logo file in MS Paint again if it is too big and runs off of the edge of your slip. To do this open your logo file in paint, and select "resize" and change the percentage and save. Go down slowly by maybe 10% at a time until it fits properly on the page. You will need to edit save, print, edit, save, print..... until it fits correctly.


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