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Postby Zpizza » Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:36 am

Some coupon issues.

I entered coupons as master items, they don't show up when i try to add them to an order.

Also I have coupons that are example: any sub and an order of breadsticks how do i make those work?

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Re: Coupons

Postby Scott » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:14 am

Generally coupons are entered as negative priced inventory items. Enter them just like any other inventory item, with the only difference being that the standard charge will be a negative in the amount of the coupon.

For coupons that work with choices of various items, don't use item restrictions.

I recommend creating a coupons category and moving those items into that category to make them easier to manage and locate.

For taking competitor coupons, or coupons that you won't know the exact amount of, you can either use the toppings/modifiers to change the amounts when they will be fixed, or you can use the non-inventory option for completely unknown coupon amounts. Again you would simply use a negative price to reflect the coupon amount.

Also, for inventory item type coupons there should be no sales taxes applied to them, and you want to check the Item is coupon box on the Options tab page of the item editor.


Reasons that items won't show up. Day of week filter in use, Time of day filter in use, expiration date in use (and expired), or Item disabled checked on options page.


For online ordering, it is recommended to use more coupon codes and less coupons. Also for online ordering you want to make sure that all online coupons do in fact enforce item requirements.


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